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We’re a software technology company based in Cluj, Romania, founded in July 2017.
Our goal is to help provide streaming technology and to empower independent streaming websites for all future live streaming entrepreneurs. We deeply focus on the quality, usability of our products and providing a full service to make customers happy.
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Our story

July 2017
12 developers gathered to create what the market lacked - a complete platform for multiple business types that is modern and user friendly.

AvenoCam uses the latest technologies available, such as: Angular for Front-end, Symfony for Back-end and also Java Spring for Back-end.

August 2018
More testers arrived to give a hand into the AvenoCam project.
Everyone was pushing hard to test, learn and put the product online.
January 2019
The product was released in Beta, a small group of dedicated clients helped us to improve it even further. WebRTC was at it's infancy and we had a lot to learn. Only growth from here.

Meet some of our professional team

Andrew B.
Adrian S.
Sales Consultant
Stephanie O.
Product Owner
Razvan E.
Product Lead Dev