How much money can I earn with a Live Cam website? *Adult Edition*

In this fast, stressed and anxious world, the need for social interaction has increased, just as the number of lonely men. This is a less positive fact, but on the other side, some businesses identified a very profitable opportunity to make money online. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about the Live Cam industry, which produces billions of dollars annually and its in continuous growth.

The Trends

Single men are swapping tables at strip clubs for laptops in bed. Which makes a lot of sense, it's private, reliable, and arguably more intimate: members are able to check back in with their favourite models whenever they like. In the Live Cam industry, the models need to have some serious communication skills, they need to develop techniques to keep the users connected for a long period of time and they have to be entertaining, not just good looking. In conclusion, is not that easy as it seems in the first place to be a model.

The best advice we could give to a model is to invest in personal development because a good performer needs to have advanced English skills in order to have complex conversations with the users and to make them come back often. As we said, good looks are not enough, but with the proper training, even a mediocre looking person can become a successful model.

Either if you’re an aspiring model or you’re planning to open your own Live Cam website, this article will help you to make an overall image about how much money is the industry, how are the models getting paid, how much money goes to the studio, to the platform and so on.

Our company is in the industry for many years and thanks to our trustworthy partners we can show you an accurate scheme about how much money is made and how that money is split.

Let's get to the numbers

Total income generated by the model:

Income / minute Income / dayMonthly (21 working days)Monthly (25 working days)6-7 working hours / day 3$ in private450$ - 750$9.450$ - 15.750$ (30-50 private shows) 11.250$ – 18.750$ (50-60)8-9 working hours / day 3$ in private600$ - 900$12.600$ - 18.900$ (30-50 private shows)15.000$ - 22.500$ (70+)                                                                                                                                                                                      + tips, photos and videos

Income distribution:                                                                                              

Owner income (min - max)Model & Studio income (min - max)Owner keep 75% and share 25% (working 21 days)7.087 $ - 14.175 $2.363 $ - 4.725 $ Owner keep 40% and share 60% (working 21 days)3.780 $ - 7.560 $5.670 $ - 11.340 $ Owner keep 75% and share 25% (working 25 days)8.437 $ - 16.875 $2.813 $ - 5.625 $ Owner keep 40% and share 60% (working 25 days)4.500 $ - 9.000 $6.750 $ - 13.500$


We have some information about the income from the bests of the industry:

Name Average Income/ 1 minute Average Income/ 5 minute LiveJasminLink2$ - 4$12$ - 18$imLiveLink1$ - 6$5$ - 29$ BongaCamsLink2$ - 3$ 12$ -18$

The number of hours and income may vary and the article is for informational purposes only. As you can see, the income of a model is above an average salary. A nice slice goes to the website owners and studios as well,  so basically everybody is a winner in this story.

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